What's up, these are the kooks. Born and raised in El Porto, they've been surfing the world-famous break Shit Pipe since grom days. These guys have been taking a beating in the shore pound since they can remember so, as you can imagine, they know how to take a hit. Watching their home break get taken over by the steady stream of pollution is pissing the kooks off, and the recent take over by the greedy Lizard Queen has pushed it all to a boiling point. She's taken her power from the righteous King Kook and is polluting the water with her money-hungry offshore drilling. Ready to take their beach, the kooks know the only way to save their wave is to restore power to King Kook, the question is how. When the last kook is minted, they'll be able to unite and overtake the Lizard Queen, ultimately restoring power to King Kook.


Born and raised in the Midwest, Terry grew up immersed in Saturday morning cartoons and collecting trading cards, falling into the world of visual creativity from a young age. Terry's always been heavily influenced by West Coast skate and surf culture. While in community college, he decided to drop out to move to California in pursuit of becoming a pro skater. Interested in art, Terry started exploring painting and graffiti. While living and skating in San Diego, Terry was introduced to the world of DJing, and a new means of self-expression began for him. Terry's DJ career brought him to NYC, where he started producing his own remixes and traveling the world. His remixes have received accolades from musical greats like Jay Z, Kanye West, Coldplay, and Drake. Years later, Terry grew tired of DJing and started exploring painting again. Since 2015 Terry has wholly immersed himself back into his artwork.


Terry Urban's body of work is broad and well established, with his works selling for as high as $50K and collectors from all over the world, including a selection of celebrities and athletes. He has collaborated with brands such as Nike and Facebook, featured by prominent publications such as Rolling Stone and MTV. With a dedicated following and an established art style, Terry's art prints are incredibly sought after and often sell out within seconds of being released. Over the past years, Urban has completely immersed himself into his work and has exhibited his paintings in many solo shows.


King Kook will be donating a portion of proceeds from the sale to Surfrider Foundation, an organization that focuses on fighting for plastic reduction, ocean protection, beach access, coastal preservation, and clean water.

We will be launching a giveaway of a number of Terry Urban's original paintings including 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small painting.

Holders will have access to an exclusive giveaway of 100 Terry Urban original prints.

We are dedicated to delving into the intersection of the world of physical art and NFTs, aiming to bring a fresh perspective to this space and pushing ourselves to keep doing our best work. It's our mission to continue building and maintaining an art-focused, art-centered community out of the Terry Urban ecosystem.

Terry is extremely excited about the launch of his initial 1 of 1 of X collection and has big plans for the future of his participation in the metaverse. Holding a Kooks NFT will grant you exclusive first look access at everything Terry has planned. We will have a notification channel of anything and everything that has to do with Terry Urban.



Terry Urban's image - Artist & Creator

Terry Urban

Artist & Creator

Terry Urban is an artist and creator of the Kooks. Known for his abstract and bright color style, Terry has completely immersed himself into his work and has exhibited his paintings in many solo shows across the world.

Terry Urban's twitter handle

: terryurban

Chase Pinckney's image - Creative Strategist

Chase Pinckney

Creative Strategist

Born and raised in Southern California, Chase grew up immersed in surf and skate culture. He currently works as a contemporary artist as well as designing for his own brand, drawing on his desire to explore creative expression.

Chase Pinckney's twitter handle

: primalchaos

Mnmlty.eth's image - Launch Partner & strategist


Launch Partner & strategist

Having launched and advised numerous successful NFT projects, he brings a tailored perspective as he plugs unique individuals into the web3 ecosystem. Johnny often uses his background in business and the streetwear industry to inform project dynamics and visuals.

Mnmlty.eth's twitter handle

: Mnmlty

Augminted's image - Development



Augminted Labs is a leading game studio specializing in crypto-native games, P2E mechanics, and a gamut of other web3 related services. Built by gamers for gamers, Augminted hopes to bridge the gap seamlessly between new and existing technology.

Augminted's twitter handle

: AugmintedLabs

Darin's image - Community Lead


Community Lead

I am a discord manager/NFT consultant for new projects. Discord has been my home and main source of income for the past 6 years through creating customized servers/communities. Starting from crypto then going to sneakers, then back to crypto, I've realized this is where I was meant to stay.

Darin's twitter handle

: darin_so